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Debt Management

Process of debt management plan:

A debt management plan is an simple agreement between you and your creditors that will help them to pay your debt completely

Debt charity or debt management company usually set up debt management plan. This plan helps you understand the framework of loan repayment and money flow. XBankers will help you put together a budget that manages your expenses, loan repayments and gives you a clear show of how much amount one can afford to pay to the creditors and the amount which are required for living expenses.

XBankers will help you Pay off your debts and guide you to the ultimate goal, XBankers understands that there's no point in putting together a payment plan that will make the loan lender feel bad and starved. This is where our xpenses management plans come into the light, where we manage your budget and finances to ensure that you don’t loose track of your household payments and care of dear ones while paying off the debt

What are the benefits of a DMP?

If a DMP is suited to your situation, there are some benefits:

  • Most of the money will be going towards paying of debts and hence the finances are managed wisely and debts will be cleared soon
  • The monthly plan is set out in such a way that its affordable and suitable to your earning amount monthy
  • You are never tied to a bond in this, thus if you are not interested you can leave at any time
  • DMPs are flexible, so they can be adapted to suit your situation if your income or living costs change